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Jim Morrison Necklace-The Lizard King/Cobra Necklace/Vintage 1967 style.


Jim Morrison-The Lizard King/Super Snake Cobra Necklace/Vintage 1967 style bead necklace is made with the finest hand selected czech seed beads available. I personally select the absolute best of the best glass czech seed beads available and use the strongest C-Lon tex 400 nylon cord for bead making. I do not use fishing line, I believe it compromises the quality of the necklace as it ages. All photo's are to show the exact detail of this necklace. The color's I have chosen for this necklace are vintage green and gold with brown and black accents making for a really nice vintage style Jim Morrison cobra bead necklace.

Each necklace is a beautiful 27 to 30inches long. If you prefer a custom length necklace just let me know. Through trial and error I have found that tying a secure knot seems to work best and keeps the integrity and quality of the necklace intact. However I do include a clasp with the shipping of each necklace so that option is available to you should you choose to use it. Check out my other auctions for even more necklaces. Thank you.

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