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Jim Morrison Cobra Necklace 1967 Authentic/Replica Version 2


Jim Morrison Cobra Necklace™/ Authentic replica of the famous Jim Morrison Cobra Necklace that Jim wore during his photo shoots in September of 1967 with Gloria Stavers and Joel Brodsky in New York City, New York but with a classic twist. This is a handcrafted faithful recreation of the love bead necklace worn by Jim Morrison. Unlike my other listing, this Jim Morrison cobra necklace is made with old vintage antiqued (NOS) aged white seed beads and a slightly darker green style of seed bead coupled with nice warm brown and dark black accents. This necklace has a nice classic vibe to it. I started making these necklace's in the mid 90's for friends, local shops, and craft exhibitions. I hand make each necklace per customer order and to your specifications. I must state that I in no way claim to be the first maker of this replica bead necklace as other's like to claim. These necklace's have been reproduced by many many other people for many years. However the first one that I made was in 1994, well before ebay and feedback score's. I am not the first to make this necklace and certainly not the last to do so. It is however my belief that with my almost 20 yrs. of experience making this necklace and with my extensive research and attention to detail I have enabled myself to recreate the finest, most authentic replica Jim Morrison bead necklace available anywhere in the world hands down.


C-Lon tex 400 Nylon cord(The Best Available)

Vintage Czech seed beads (Antiqued/NOS) 20yrs.

I do not use fishing line, I believe it compromises the quality of the necklace as it ages. All photo's are to simply show the exact detail of this necklace. The pattern and colors I use are exact in specifications to the original one's that Henry Diltz used to make Jim's. Each necklace is made to the original length of 30inches just as Jim's was made. If you prefer a custom length of this necklace just let me know and I will be more than happy to accommodate your request. A detached antiqued barrel clasp will also be included with your purchase. With that being said the result is a 100% accurate replica of Jim's famous bead necklace that is hand made by me and for you to enjoy. Please feel free to browse my other listings and a special thanks goes out to Henry.

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