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Jim Morrison- AUTHENTIC/REPLICA Panther Necklace/Rare 1968 style.


 This is another exact replica of a bead necklace worn by Jim Morrison in a rare photo that can be seen on the home page of my site. The detail on this necklace is true to the original. The length of the necklace is about 27 inches. Custom lengths are available upon request.

 The ends are not tied purposely, this is done so that you can shorten the necklace if you like, and or add a clasp (I personally just tie a knot). I can add a barrel clasp with the necklace if you like, however Jim's necklace's did not have clasp and I do not recommend a clasp.

 I use only the finest coco beads available and the strongest nylon cord for bead making resulting in the most complete and accurate replica of Jim's panther necklace.

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