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Jim Morrison Cobra Necklace Red Version (Elektra/Necklace)


Jim Morrison Cobra Necklace™ /Red Version 1985 Electra Album/Movie Necklace:

This is my version the Jim Morrison bead necklace that you can see Val Kilmer wear in the movie the doors. This exquisitely handcrafted Jim Morrison cobra necklace is red, white, with black accents. The original Jim Morrison bead necklace (Cobra Necklace) is green, white, with brown and black accents. I have personally hand selected the absolute best czech seed beads and the strongest high quality cord for bead making. Each necklace is a beautifull 27inches long. I can make them longer or shorter per request. I do not use a clasp, I just tie a knot so that you can adjust it to how you like. If you would like a clasp I can send one with the necklace.

The beads for this necklace were changed from the original colors to red and white with black accents that can be seen on the 1985 album cover The Best Of The Doors. These colors were kept for the movie also. It is a 100% accurate replica. You can also checkout my 100% true to the original Young Lion (Cobra ) necklace that Henry Diltz made for Jim. Each necklace is true to how the originals were made.


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