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Jim Morrison-Young Lion (Cobra) Necklace.

Posted by ericlee on September 15, 2012 at 12:35 AM

 My research on the the Young Lion (Cobra) necklace that Jim Morrison wore in the Joel Brodsky photos dates back to the early to mid 1990's. I became facinated with this necklace shortly after seeing the photos of Jim wearing it. I thought it was cool and thought I needed one. Come to find out you just couldn't buy one at the store. Now my mind you this was just before the dawn of the internet and online stores and shopping. So I went and looked through my tapes and cd's. Yes I said tapes and I found my best of the doors tape. From what I could see I came to the conclusion that the necklace looked white and red with black accents. So I went to a local hobby lobby and bought the beads and cord and a clasp. I put it together that evening and was proud of my work. I wore it everyday and before I knew it my friends were having me make them necklaces to and shortly there after thier friends wanted them also. So I decided that I could not just keep making them and giving them away and I made the decision to start selling them for a reasonable price, which nobody seemed to mind paying.

 A few months after making my own necklace while on vacation, I was at a water park enjoying the day going down water slides and jumping off various diving boards and simulated cliffs. I noticed while walking back to my car after the park had closed that my necklace was gone.. I ran back to the entrace but was refused access to get back in. It wasn't the end of the world but needless to say I was a bit sad by the whole deal. Oh well I'll just make another one I thought. It is around this time that I read an article somewhere about Joel Brodsky and Gloria Stavers and the doors photo shoots and the subsequent Jim Morrison young lion photo shoot. What caught my eye was a bit about Jim and the necklace he was wearing at the time. I had found out that the necklace was made by doors photographer Henery Diltz and that the acctual colors of the necklace were indeed green, white and brown with black accents.. Wow I had been way off on my version of the necklace however in the movie The Doors staring Val Kilmer his necklace is red and white with black accents just like what is on the best of the doors album. So I got the new version right but now I thought an original version would be awesome.

So I did more research and dug deep into what the proper size, length and what kind of beads were used to make the original necklace. After I was 100% sure I went to a specialty craft shop and hand selected all of the correct materials I needed and still do to this day. If your looking to purchase the best and most authentic original replica Jim Morrison young lion necklace available anywhere in the world then look no further than here. Home of the original Jim Morrison bead necklace.

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