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20th Anniversary Cobra Necklace

Posted by ericlee on February 18, 2014 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (583)

 It has been just over 20 years since I made my first Jim Morrison Cobra necklace and throughout that time the necklace has gone through several changes and all for the better. I can say without a doubt that you will not find a more authentic and exact detailed replica of Jim Morrison's young lion photo shoot necklace anywhere but right here at www.jimmorrisoncobranecklace.com. You may also find several of my Jim Morrison Cobra necklace's and other unique necklace's at my etsy store www.etsy.com/shop/TheYaYaShoppe. That being said I have in the works a limited edition 20th anniversary Jim Morrison Cobra necklace to be released soon. I want to also thank each and every customer becuase without you I would not be able to do what I truely love to do and that is to be able to bring to you a piece of rock and roll nostalgia. Thank you, E.

Jim Morrison Cobra Necklace/1967 photo shoot necklace/Modern Vintage

Posted by ericlee on May 29, 2013 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (178)

Jim Morrison Cobra Necklace/1967 photo shoot necklace updated with modern refinements and genuine old school vibe. I have taken my original 1967 Jim Morrison snake necklace and made some modern refinements to it in order to provide an even more superior necklace when compared to all others. So why is this necklace so special? Well let me tell you. I have spent a great deal of time refining the original cobra necklace and looking for ways to make it better. Ways to make it more durable and ways to make it last longer without compromising the quality and integrity of the necklace. I can say without a doubt that I have! Don't get me wrong the original version of my Jim Morrison Cobra Necklace is spot on perfect but I just wanted to make it better.

I have hand aged the white beads to a slightly darker white. My aged white beads are not available anywhere in the world. I am the only one who is doing this. I use a special 49 strand bead wire that is extremely flexible and seemingly unbreakable(Not fishing line!). The wire expensive but worth the price for this necklace. I use an antique barrel clasp to add to the vintage vibe of this awesome necklace. The necklace is 30 inches in length just as Jim's famous beaded snake necklace was and fits over the head easily. Custom lengths are available upon request.

The original Cobra Necklace vs My version of the Cobra Necklace

Posted by ericlee on March 12, 2013 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (17)

 So I am creaping up on the 20 year mark of handcrafting the Jim Morrison necklace. I was just a teenager when I started making this necklace way back in the 1990's. When I say Jim Morrison necklace I mean the young lion photo shoot necklace from 1967 or what I have come to call the Jim Morrison cobra necklace, a term that I have now trademarked. So lets get to it. The quality of beads that were used back in the 1960's and even earlier than that in my opinion are not as good as the beads I use today nor is the chord that was used. I have accumulated some czech beads from that era and the consistancy and quality just is not there when compared to today's beads and chording.

 Most beaded necklace's from the 60' and 70's used a cheap beading chord or fishing line. If you were lucky maybe you had some triple braided wax coated chord which is still used a lot today. I do not use it, I only use the best beading chord and I now even make my own chord that I use for all of my necklaces. I use a PAF braid and a combination wax coat system which gives me and ultimately my customer the strongest bead chord available in the world today. Now for the beads. I have had my hands on millions of beads. All different shapes sizes and origins. I can honestly say that the beads coming from Czechoslovakia are amzing when compared to their 60's counter parts. Their shape, size and uniformity is nothing short of amazing and they are what I use and only use. and will ever use.

 Was Jim Morrison's necklace made from czechoslovakia seed beads? The answer is yes. Were the beads strung on a high quality chord? The answer is probably not. The shape and consistency of the beads used was also lack luster. I have studied the young lion photo's for hours on end and have come to the conclusion that if you compare my Jim Morrison cobra necklace next to Jim Morrison's necklace you will see that they are the exact same necklace in every way except for the fact that my necklace has a quality and craftsmanship that was lacking in 1967. The image below speaks for itself.

The Original Most Authentic Jim Morrison Cobra Necklace In The World

Posted by ericlee on January 21, 2013 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (51)

 I believe in only hand crafting the best and most authentic replica Jim Morrison cobra necklace™ and necklace's today. I have copywrited, registered and trademarked all of my work in an effort to provide the highest quality product to you. A product that i am proud of and a product that you can be proud to own and cherish. I do not just throw a bunch of sub par quality seed beads on to a cheap beading chord like a host of other sellers do. I use the very best beads and chord that money can buy. I hand select each bead for uniform quality. Why do I do this? I do this so that each customer gets the best of the best for their money. Making these necklace's is not a job for me it is a passion. It is a passion that started for me way back in 1991 when I first saw a picture of Jim Morrison wearing the Young Lion Cobra necklace™ and so began a journey of trying to figure out, one how do I get a necklace like that and two what kind of beads and chord were used to make it? Within 2 years I had it down. Yes 2 years because there was no internet and all you could go by were pictures from albums and books. Heck I,lost my first one in the bottom of a swimming pool after jumping of the hi-dive. This brought me to the conclussion that I must use a stronger beading chord and to never use a clasp.

Blood is the rose of mysterious union

Posted by ericlee on October 29, 2012 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (42)

 Although Jim Morrison was of Scotish and Irish desent he was very deeply interested in Native American cultures and beliefs. Many of Jim's friends believe that he was filled with the spirit of a Native American elder, supposedly the one he encountered as a young boy while driving past a truck accident involving a family of native americans with his parents on a lonely stretch of highway. Those images and the need to help them stayed with him his entire life. Ray Manzerak states in his book that when Jim would dance on stage at times that he could see Jim seem to take on the form of an indian chief dancing during a ceremony even though Jim personally had never witnessed an actual Indian ceremony berfore.

 It is with great pride that I have decided to make the Jim Morrison Native American Cobra necklace. There will be 2 versions available. These Jim Morrison necklace's will be made using native american colors and the very best hand selected czech seed beads and the highest quality beading cord available.

Jim Morrison-Young Lion (Cobra) Necklace.

Posted by ericlee on September 15, 2012 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (18)

 My research on the the Young Lion (Cobra) necklace that Jim Morrison wore in the Joel Brodsky photos dates back to the early to mid 1990's. I became facinated with this necklace shortly after seeing the photos of Jim wearing it. I thought it was cool and thought I needed one. Come to find out you just couldn't buy one at the store. Now my mind you this was just before the dawn of the internet and online stores and shopping. So I went and looked through my tapes and cd's. Yes I said tapes and I found my best of the doors tape. From what I could see I came to the conclusion that the necklace looked white and red with black accents. So I went to a local hobby lobby and bought the beads and cord and a clasp. I put it together that evening and was proud of my work. I wore it everyday and before I knew it my friends were having me make them necklaces to and shortly there after thier friends wanted them also. So I decided that I could not just keep making them and giving them away and I made the decision to start selling them for a reasonable price, which nobody seemed to mind paying.

 A few months after making my own necklace while on vacation, I was at a water park enjoying the day going down water slides and jumping off various diving boards and simulated cliffs. I noticed while walking back to my car after the park had closed that my necklace was gone.. I ran back to the entrace but was refused access to get back in. It wasn't the end of the world but needless to say I was a bit sad by the whole deal. Oh well I'll just make another one I thought. It is around this time that I read an article somewhere about Joel Brodsky and Gloria Stavers and the doors photo shoots and the subsequent Jim Morrison young lion photo shoot. What caught my eye was a bit about Jim and the necklace he was wearing at the time. I had found out that the necklace was made by doors photographer Henery Diltz and that the acctual colors of the necklace were indeed green, white and brown with black accents.. Wow I had been way off on my version of the necklace however in the movie The Doors staring Val Kilmer his necklace is red and white with black accents just like what is on the best of the doors album. So I got the new version right but now I thought an original version would be awesome.

So I did more research and dug deep into what the proper size, length and what kind of beads were used to make the original necklace. After I was 100% sure I went to a specialty craft shop and hand selected all of the correct materials I needed and still do to this day. If your looking to purchase the best and most authentic original replica Jim Morrison young lion necklace available anywhere in the world then look no further than here. Home of the original Jim Morrison bead necklace.