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 Jim Morrison Cobra Necklace™

 Welcome to jimmorrisoncobranecklace.com-The gold standard in authentic replication of the love bead necklaces worn by Jim Morrison, such as the Jim Morrison Cobra Necklace/Young Lion Photo shoot necklace. Each Jim Morrison bead necklace is an exquisite handcrafted replication of the highest quality and I take great pride in this fact. With that being said, I am pleased to be able to offer you the most authentic and original replica Jim Morrison necklace available today.

 Each necklace that I handcraft is the exact same detailed bead necklace that Doors frontman Jim Morrison wore during his photo shoots in September of 1967 with Gloria Stavers and Joel Brodsky. All of the Jim Morrison bead necklaces I make are handmade using only the highest quality components and the exact same size Czechoslovakian seed beads that were used to make Jim Morrison's cobra necklace in 1967.

  I started making the Jim Morrison snake necklace in the mid 90's for friends, local shops and craft exhibitions. In fact the very first one I made was in 1994, long before there was even a thing called ebay. Its my belief that my over 20 years of experience in making this particular necklace coupled with my extensive research and attention to detail I have enabled myself to recreate the finest, most authentic and original Jim Morrison bead necklace available anywhere in the world today for you to proudly own and wear. The Jim Morrison snake necklace, young lion necklace is in itself an icon of rock n roll just as it's famous owner was. 

 There are a few stories about the Jim Morrison necklace and how it came to be his possession. One such story begins in September of 1967. The Doors are in New York to play the Ed Sullivan Show. The band performs a couple of songs, People Are Strange and their hit Light My Fire. Most fans of The Doors know that the show's producers wanted Jim to change some of the lyrics to the song Light My Fire because of a said drug reference (girl we couldn't get much higher). However the agreed upon lyric change never happened and the show never had the band back again after their performance.

 The next day Jim meets up with 16 magazine editor Gloria Staver's for a photo shoot and interview. It is at around this time that Jim receives the necklace from Gloria and can be seen wearing it and one of Gloria's fur coats in several photograph's. Through my research I have found that Henry Diltz is the original maker of the bead necklace that Jim wore. The following day Jim Morrison and the rest of the Doors meet with photographer Joel Brodsky for group publicity photos. It is at this particular photo shoot that Jim Morrison who seems to be fairly drunk at the time is photographed in a variety of poses by himself and with the other members of The Doors. This photo shoot became known as the young lion photo shoot and the necklace that Jim wear's during this photo shoot is fondly referred to as the Jim Morrison Young Lion bead necklace or the Jim Morrison cobra necklace. It is at this photo shoot that Jim Morrison can be seen shirtless and wearing this beaded hippie necklace in a variety of iconic poses. It is with great pride that I present to you the most authentic and original Jim Morrison necklace available.

 I have personally hand selected the absolute finest glass czech seed beads available and the strongest C-Lon tex nylon cord for bead making. I do not use fishing line, I believe it compromises the quality of the necklace as it ages. The pattern and colors I use are exactly the same as the original one's that Henry Diltz used to make Jim's even down to the correct size beads. The result is a 100% accurate and authentic replica of Jim's bead necklace that is hand made by me.

 Each necklace is a beautiful 27 to 30inches long. Through years of trial and error I have found that tying a secure knot seems to work the best and helps to ensure that the necklace retain's its quality and integrity as it ages. However I do include a clasp with the shipping of each necklace so that option is available to you. I also take orders for custom lengths, just contact me and I can make it happen. The Doors movie necklace that Val Kilmer wore is also available. It is red, white, with black and green accents and I also make a very rare Jim Morrison necklace that can be seen in the photo of Jim wearing the light blue denim shirt that I call the 1968 Panther bead necklace. All Jim Morrison love bead necklace's are handmade by me and only me and are of the highest quality using only the worlds finest materials. My Jim Morrison beads and necklaces are the best, just check out some of my reviews.

  Be sure to check out my webstore to purchase any one of these fantastic and beautiful authentic replica necklace's and my Etsy store https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheYaYaShoppe. Please feel free to look at my photo gallery for even more photo's. CUSTOMER NOTICE-PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE CLAIM'S MADE BY OTHER SELLER'S AND WEBSITES CLAIMING TO BE THE ORIGINAL MAKER OF THESE REPLICA NECKLACE'S. ALL SUCH CLAIM'S SHOULD BE CONSIDERED COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY BASELESS AND WITHOUT ANY MERIT. I HANDCRAFT THE MOST AUTHENTIC REPLICA JIM MORRISON NECKLACE'S AVAILABLE. THE BEST IN THE WORLD. I am the original home of the authentic Jim Morrison bead necklace. Thank you for stopping by and you can also find me on ebay at theyayashoppe or my etsy shop (TheYaYaShoppe).

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Jim Morrison 1967 modern/vintage photo shoot cobra necklace.

Jim Morrison 1985 Best of The Doors Cobra Necklace.

Jim Morrison Necklace. Original 30 inch length.

1991 The Door's Movie Necklace. Order this by special request.

Jim Morrison Cobra Necklace/Best of The Doors red version/Movie Necklace

Jim Morrison 1968 Panther necklace